Former Roanoke County Republican Chairman Dr. Ed Lynch Endorses Harry Griego

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Dr. Ed Lynch is formerly the Chairman of the Roanoke County Republican Committee and a professor at Hollins College

I am proud to have earned the endorsement of former Roanoke County Republican Chairman Dr Ed Lynch.
I am so grateful for his support and his thoughtful remarks about our “contract” with Roanoke County voters to lower debt and taxes, fix the county budget process and finally take care of the county residents with road, water runoff, and flooding issues.

Dr Lynch said the contract commitment I have made is both” good for Roanoke County’s citizens and is in keeping with the Republican creed and the principles of our party.”

I have committed to Introducing and attempting to get passed the following:

“1) A proper budgeting procedure that does not automatically increase the budget because that is “the way it has always been done” or simply increases with the inflation rate, but instead looks at efficiencies and innovation to provide county taxpayers with the highest quality and most efficient services, that are truly the responsibility of government, at the lowest possible costs to taxpayers.  

2) Provide real tax relief by making increased real estate assessments revenue neutral.  If real estate assessments increase, the real estate tax rate should lower, allowing the taxpayer to be held harmless and not be penalized with a higher real estate tax bill.  The Board of Supervisors continues to state that real estate taxes are not increasing when in fact, they are.  The fact is that when real estate assessments increase even if the tax rate does not, the actual tax bill the homeowner receives increases – which by definition is a tax increase.   

 3) In the case that Roanoke County government or Roanoke County schools needs to borrow funds for a project, it will be required that the bond issue come before the citizens of Roanoke County in the form of a referendum.  The referendum will detail the true cost of the bond issue to the taxpayers of Roanoke County.  The tax payer should have the last say in whether they want the increased debt burden that they ultimately will have to pay for.

4) Finally, I am proposing that Roanoke County government should not spend hard earned taxpayer dollars to intervene into the private sector with projects such as installing broadband next to existing private sector broadband, or purchasing land on Woodhaven for development instead of allowing this to be accomplished by private sector developers.  Instead, I am recommending that Roanoke County government concentrate on improving the lives of the average citizen by spending money on the 10 year waiting list of small neighborhood projects dealing with potholes, water drainage issues, and flooding infrastructure projects that are currently not the responsibility of VDOT or that take VDOT too long to respond to. “