Harry Griego Signs On To Contract Commitment With Roanoke County Voters

harry press conference copyAs I visit with voters during this election, the issue that concerns citizens most is the County’s rising debt and the millions we waste on interest that could have been used to provide services the County needs.
When the Roanoke Times reported the debt increase of nearly $40,000,000 voted for by our current Vinton Supervisor just two weeks ago, I began getting questions of confusion from voters who had also seen his campaign materials and ads claiming he had reduced the debt. The reality is that it has been raised above $200,000,000.
This is the kind of political game playing that people are tired of and one of the reasons I decided I needed to get involved and run for office.

We deserve to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when it comes to how our elected officials are managing our government.
Furthermore, people need to feel confident that when they vote for a candidate, that candidate will follow through with what they said before the election.

To that end, I am guaranteeing without reservation that I will vote on the board the exact principles that I have spoken about on this campaign and I commit to the following “contract” with the citizens of Roanoke County:

1. I will not vote for any new debt and work aggressively to reduce the debt we have. If there is ever a need where borrowing may be necessary I will vote to have Roanoke County voters make the final decision.

2. I will vote in support of changing the budget process from one where the bureaucrats project how much money they plan to have in the next year and come up with ways to spend it to one where we take a serious look at each department and budget what is needed to do the job the best and most efficient way possible.

3. To ensure taxes do not just rise automatically as the result of higher property assessments, I will vote to lower the property tax rate to make it “tax neutral”. Our board members should not allow taxes to go up “automatically” while claiming they have not raised taxes. Nor should property owners be penalized because their property may have increased in value one year to the next.

4. Instead of spending millions on pet projects that cost millions of dollars and are not serving the county, I commit to redirecting funds to clear the 10 year backlog of road, water runoff, and flooding issues that the current board has ignored for years.

I firmly believe these policies are good for our county, will improve the living conditions for our citizens, and I commit to these policies 100%.