Lets Make it Real!

Real Tax Relief

The current group of Republicans on the Board voted for millions of dollars in tax increases over the last four years. As the establishment often does, they reduced one small tools tax in an election year that affects almost no one so they could tell people they cut taxes.
Don’t let them get away with this lie.
I pledge to vote for REAL tax relief and tax cuts for Roanoke County Citizens.

Real Job Creation

Real job growth and business opportunities have been stifled in Roanoke for many years. It doesn’t have to be that way. Roanoke has every potential to grow, prosper and be the most attractive place around to open a business or move a company if we stop allowing politicians to play crony capitalist games with our laws, regulations and our tax money.
I pledge to vote for policies that will lead to an open and welcoming environment for business so we can experience real job creation and the prosperity that comes with it.

Fair and Honest Government

Some of the most important work of our County Board gets done is secret. That must end. Citizens have a right to see and know everything their government is doing.
I pledge to vote to compel the government of Roanoke County and its elected officials to be completely open and transparent when doing the business of citizens.